Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hollywood Paws cats wrap filming a TV pilot in a cat sized apartment!

Hollywood Paws just finished filming of a new television pilot called Mr. Dingleberry this past Monday! 3 Hollywood Paws cats were used in the filming of the pilot and all 3 cat owners and Hollywood Paws students helped to train their cats on the set. The pilot uses cats as the main characters and the set is entirely cat sized (check out the photos below if you don’t believe us…)

Hollywood Paws cat Ichi in costume as Mr. Dingleberry

Hollywood Paws Studio Trainer and Hollywood Paws students with their cats (from left) Ichi, Cocoa, and Missy taking a break while on the televion pilot set

Hollywood Paws cat Ichi is the main cat, Mr. Dingleberry in the pilot and his co-stars are Hollywood Paws cats Missy and Cocoa. All 3 cats are graduates of the Hollywood Paws Feline Animal Acting program where they have mastered behaviors such as “mark”, down, sit, paw, wave, and target training. Keep your eyes peeled for this new show that should be premiering on a television near you very soon!

Hollywood Paws cat Ichi being placed into his cat sized apartment to start filming

Hollywood Paws cat Missy peaking out from a window in her cat sized apartment - notice the troll dolls as decorations! I guess if cats were interior decorators it only makes sense they would use troll dolls!

Hollywood Paw cat Ichi chilling out on his cat sized couch in his cat sized aparment

For more information about this production or any other Hollywood Paws productions (with dogs, cats, and even exotic animals) feel free to visit the Hollywood Paws website at or call us at 888-781-7827 or email to

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hollywood Paws Dog Kasey Bags His First Job!

Congratulations to Chad and his pit bull Kasey who just booked the job from the casting call last Sunday! This is Casey's first job with Hollywood Paws and he has only been a student for less than 2 months!!! Its going to take some hard work and constant training, but we are excited for Kasey and know he will do GREAT!! For more information call 888-781-7827 or visit

Sunday, April 11, 2010

5 Hollywood Paws dogs audition for the lead in an upcoming film!

Hollywood Paws dogs Brutus, Jammer, Patron, Machella Bella, and Casey all auditioned today for the lead dog role in an independent film that starts filming next month. The type of dog needed was an agressive looking dog such as a german shepherd or pit bull and they needed to be able to perform a varity of advanced behaviors. In the casting the dogs needed to play dead while on their side, speak, and be able to have a rubber band around their nose to simulate a growl and snarl.

Brutus and Jammer are 2 German Shepherds that are owned by the same owner. Both are graduates of the Hollywood Paws levels I, II, and III programs and have also been doubles for each other as the leads in a pilot television series called "Passenger."

Patron is a blue nose pit bull who joined Hollywood Paws when he was just a puppy. He is a Hollywood Paws levels I, II, and III graduate and has been submitted to multiple jobs prior to this casting.

Michaella Bella  was one of the first to complete the Hollywood Paws levels I, II, and III programs and has been with Hollywood Paws for over 3 years! He was also the main dog who starred in his own segment on Animal Planet's "Weird, True, and Freaky" television show.

Casey is the newest addition to Hollywood Paws and started Hollywood Paws level I program only 1 month ago! Hollywood Paws trainers had to have casey come in for extra training sessions to make sure he was prepared for this casting... and he did a great job!

Stay tuned to find out which dogs gets the lead part! Hollywood Paws should know by next Friday!