Thursday, December 3, 2009 Goes Hollywood With Hollywood Paws

Need proof that old dogs really can learn new tricks? Well Hollywood Paws proves to that our dogs really have that star quality to make it in the industry!

ZooToo's segment K9's in the City Features Hollywood Paws is an online community where pet owners and pet lovers can socialize about none other their love of all things animal related! Hollywood Paws and ZooToo are really getting those tails wagging!

Hollywood Paws Gets Our Jingle On With Operation Santa Paws!

The holiday season is in full swing and what better way to put a smile on your face and get a pup's tail wagging then by joining Hollywood Paws in donating to Operation Santa Paws!? Hollywood Paws has always been an advocate of adopting and rescuing dogs and now is the perfect time to show these shelter pups all the love and attention they need and deserve.

Operation Santa Paws in collaboration with Justin Rudd's Haute Dog organization will be collecting toys and treats for both canines and felines who are in local shelters and rescue organizations.  Hollywood Paws will be collecting toys and treats at our studios for those who are interested in turning some frowns upsidedown!  Want to know more about how you and/or your business can get involved??? Check out their website and help out some furry firends who can't otherwise get the toys you know they love!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hollywood Paws Wants Your Pup To Be Published!

Hollywood Paws is asking the question - Do you think that your pooch would be perfect for a coffee table book and photo collection? Now is your chance to find out at THIS CASTING CALL for dogs of all shapes, sizes, and breeds!

When and Where? Saturday December 5, 2009 at Book Soup (8818 W. Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90069) from 11:00am - 3:00pm.

What is it for? Photographer Andrew Grant's new book Woof . 150 rescue and purebreed dogs are going to be featured in the book and YOUR pup could be one of them! Woof will be similar to Grant's newly released Rover whish featured 200 pups in an effort to raise money for pet shelters and organizations.

of course if you are feeling the holiday spirit and want to donate to the cause then $500 secures your pup's spot in the book  - you don't even have to try out!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Wishing You a Doggone Wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Day is right around the corner and what a better day to thank your pup for being his or her furry little self then by including them in your dining festivities! Food motivation has never been a problem for our Hollywood Paws pups and we know they would love the chance to chomp down on their very own dog friendly thanksgiving dinner. Of course there are some canine friendly T-day choices like turkey and duck, but we do advise you to keep their paws off of the onions, garlic, pies, and alcohol.  If you think that your furry friend deserves something extra special this holiday season then try to bake some dog friendly treats like turkey loaf, apple doggy treats, and turkey balls! While we have not tried any of these treats personally we do hear that they are pretty tasty for both dogs and people alike... not that we are recomending you trade in the traditional turkey and apple pie for these for pup friendly menu items of course!

We wish everyone an amazing Thanksgiving Day filled with family, friends, and a tasty meal or two!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hollywood Paws Dog, Hera Snowboards Over The Competition Leaving Them In The Cold

Hollywood Paws dogs have shined on the silver screen, and now Hollywood Paws bulldogs are taking over the world of snowboarding as well! When Natural Balance pet food posted a casting call for snowboarding bulldogs to share the soptlight on their Rose Bowl Parade float next year, Hollywood Paws students jumped to the head of the line with their tanented bulldogs by their sides. The casting call brought over 40 dogs to Pacoima, CA to try their chances on the slopes of Natural Balance's float - the world's longest Rose Parade float to date! 

Many Hollywood Paws bulldogs auditioned for the part and Hera, Hollywood Paws' 1-year old English Bulldog was photographed mid-slope for the front page of the Pasadena Star Newspaper! Of the dogs who auditioned, Natural Balance will choose 2 bulldogs to represent at the Rose Bowl Parade in the new year.

Hollywood Paws is wishing all our Hollywood Paws bulldogs the best of luck and can't wait to see the dogs in action as they snowboard down the longest float to date!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How To Get Your Dog In Commercials? Ask Hollywood Paws!

How do you get your dog into commercials, film, print ads, television, and more? Well, here at Hollywood Paws we are asked this question on a daily basis and have decided to take this timeless question to our blog in hopes to really chew out an answer for the 4-legged hollywood hopefuls!

Where Do Movies Get Their Animal Stars From?
Where do you think advertising agencies, production companies, television shows, and movie producers get their animals from? Well, there are about 40 animal companies which supply the majority of animals you see in ads, televisions, and movies. These wranglers own an inventory of anywhere from 30-100 dogs and cats, and these animals live to work.  Hollywood Paws is changing the ways animals are supplied to the Entertainment Industry by bringing privately owned dogs and cats from your loving home to the silver screen and more! Hollywood Paws actors go home to a good bed after a long day's work.

Is There Really Production Work Out There For My Pet? 
YES! There is a huge market for dogs and cats in the Entertainment Industry! Avdertising agencies conducted a survey of advertisiments that containined children and/or animals and found that these ads generated 100% more of a response from consumers. Animals appear in all types of ads that expand beyond the pet related businsses to industries such as Insurance (Geico), Communications (AT&T, Verizon), Food (Bush's Baked Beans, Pepsi), Automobile (Toyota, Volkswagon), Technology (Microsoft), Retail (Target), and Fast-food (Taco-Bell) just to name a few.

What Does Hollywood Paws Look For In A Dog or Cat?
Hollywood Paws looks for many different things when evaluating a potential animal actor. Not only does Hollywood Paws evaluate the dog's apperance, training level, and personality, but we also look for owners who passionate about their pets and who are not only willing to, but also enjoy spending time with their dogs. Of course, just like human actors an animal actors must be more then a pretty face!  People go to acting classes, police dogs need special training, guide dogs for the blind need certification classes, and studio dogs need training too! If your dogs are trained then that's great - Hollywood Paws will take your dog's current training into our decision process.

Do Dogs and Cats Attend Castings?
This depends, there are certain situations where casting calls are requried, but for the most part Hollywood Paws works directly with the production and advertising companies.  Once a production call is received, Hollywood Paws Trainers and Talent Directors will submit all dogs and/or cats which fit the description of what the particualr job requries. When the production's producters and casting agents make their decision, they notify Hollywood Paws and the dog is officially sign on to that commercial or film.

How Can I Get My Dog An Evaluation?
Hollywood Paws will never say 'No' to seeing a dog or cat, but unfortunately we are unable to sign on every dog that through our studio doors.  Your can call our representatives at 888-781-7827 in order to set an appointment or visit our website.  Remember to make sure your dog is in a carrier or on-leash when you come in for your evaluation and be sure to being a photo or two to leave with us. Good luck!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Production Companies Can't Keep Their Paws Off Of Hollywood Paws!

The drastic and rainy change in weather hasn't lowered Hollywood Paws' spirits and and as the rain continues to pour on LA, production companies continue raining on Hollywood Paws! Hollywood Paws has been chosen to be part of a news casting that focuses on pet related businesses, activities, and all around pet lovers and enthusiasts.  While there are many activities you can get your pets involved in, there is only one way to get your pets in the Entertainment Industry - Hollywood Paws pet agency and animal acting school of course.

It's too bad we all can't be lounging in the sun right now!

The Hollywood Paws shoot is taking place tomorrow morning at our studios in Los Angeles Center Studios. While Hollywood Paws is being featured as the primary pet agency and training center, don't think  training is the only option for doggie fun and games! The following are all way for dog lovers (such as ourselves) to woof around with your favorite pooch.

Just remember Happy Dog = Happy Owner! Get out there and try something new and exciting with your favorite four-legged friend - and if its Hollywood Paws you want to try out then give us a call at 888-781-7827 and you can try to get you dog into commercials too!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hollywood Paws Is Getting Wet n' Wild With Surf City Surf Dogs

Hollywood Paws is going to be catching waves in Huntington Beach this weekend with the pup's at Surf City Surf Dogs. If you have ever wanted to see a canine tame the blue monster then now is your chance! Hollywood Paws is going to be scoping out the competition and cheering on our Hollywood Paws favorites all for a good cause to benefit local canine rescue groups. Hollywood Paws is going to be there and 'hang 10,' or in this case 'hang 20,' and we want you to join us!

So where and when are these water soaked festivities taking place? Hollywood Paws has all the details:
Where: Huntington Dog Beach, 200 Main St Huntington Beach, CA 92648
Time: 8:00am - 2:00pm (registration at 7:00am)
FUNdraising Events: Hot Diggity Dog Expo, 1-2 mile Woof n' Walk, owner/celebrity and canine look-a-like competition, and of course surfin' pooches all day long - Everyone at Hollywood Paws can't wait!

Register you water happy canine at and if your at the competition don't forget to stop by Hollywood Paws and bark us a hello! Hollywood Paws wishes all pups the best of luck and can't wait to scope out the competition!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hollywood Paws Wolf 'Kills' On-Set

Hollywood Paws' Wolfie, an actual wolf just wrapped the filming of his scenes in his silver screen debut! We mentioned previously that Wolfie was going to be licking up the limelight in an independent film feature and Hollywood Paws is proud to say the Wolfe did a wonderful job. He was able to hit all his right marks while keeping a fierce face for the camera. you can check out all the action on Hollywood Paws' photostream at  If you have ever wondered if a wild predator could be tamed and trained, you now have the answer and its 'yes' all you need is a Hollywood Paws trainer by your side!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Pawing Away the Monday Blues

We all know that Mondays can be quite rough, especially after a crazy weekend such as ours filled with dog auditions, rabbits bouncing around our studios, and a constant buzz of walkie-talkies from production assistants running around film sets. Hollywood Paws wants to help brighten up your day... and hopefully this photo will help take away any Monday blues lingering in your system! Enjoy!


The staff at Hollywood Paws cannot resist a cute face, so if you have any PAWsitively adorable pictures of your pets then send them to us at  We will never say no to giving a dog an evaluation and audition - especially  if they have personalities as great as the dogs above!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hollywood Paws Dogs Hit The Jackpot In Vegas!

What haPAWens in Vegas - Stays in Vegas, unless of course it's involving two Hollywood Paws dogs by the names of Diesel (owners Mitch and Tiffany Moses) and Bently (owner Kelly Castillo) who will be woofing it up in Las Vegas later this month and then bringing back a newfound stardom to Los Angeles.  These two happy-go-lucky English Bulldogs will be the mascots of Pugswear Clothing, a company that is showcasing their canine fashion line at a popular trade show in Las Vegas. Not only did the fashion company request some sturdy and handsome bulldogs, but they made sure to emphasize that they wanted amazing personalities and fun-loving pooches as mascots. Hollywood Paws submitted many of our bulldogs, but Diesel and Bently won over the advertising agency's hearts and were booked on the spot.

The show will take place over a three day period and Hollywood Paws bulldogs Diesel and Bently will be the canines stealing the spotlight as they perform tricks, greet potential clients, and put on a PAWsitively cute face for everyone attending the show.  Luck is on the side of Hollywood Paws Studio Trainers as they get an all expenses paid trip to the city of sin - hopefully they won't get into too much trouble! This particular job will have our four-legged stars treated like princes seeing that they will be the main attraction at the pugswear clothing booth.  Maybe these pups will even get to take home a couple of swanky new Pugswear outfits! Hollywood Paws wishes the best of luck to these two four-legged bundles of fun and we will keep everyone posted as these two canines, as well as the rest of Hollywood Paws' dogs train their way up the acting ladder and continue their journey on the rise to stardom.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Licking Up The Limelight: Hollywood Paws Wolf Scores His Big Break On Film!

Hollywood Paws is most known in the Entertainment Industry for the studio training and representing of privately owned pets such as dogs and cats. While it is true that most people consider dogs and cats to be the most common of household pets, that does not mean they are the only type of household pet. Hollywood Paws receives dozens of phone calls daily from people asking how to get their ‘other’ pets into the industry – everything from birds, horses, reptiles, wolves, and yes even their children. The main focus of Hollywood Paws Studio Trainers and Talent Directors is on domestic dogs and cats, but they have been known to surprise the Industry by taking on other ‘pets,’ such as Wolfie a now eleven year old wolf who has been with Hollywood Paws for over three years. Wolfie is a wolf-hybrid which Hollywood Paws Studio Trainers have turned ‘set-ready’ by any production standard. Wolfie still has some of the predator instinct in him, but with all his Hollywood Paws training under that fur Hollywood Paws is proud to announce that Wolfie will be staring in an Independent Feature to be filmed later this month.

Originally, the casting was for either an animatronics wolf or dog which resembled a wolf, but here at Hollywood Paws we will never settle for anything but perfection and Hollywood Paws Trainers knew Wolfie, a real and trained wolf would be ideal for the feature. The production call from Hollywood Paws went out early in the morning and Wolfie was booked for the job a within minutes after the director saw his photos – how could he resist as Wolfie is the real thing! In the shoot, Wolfie is meant to run through a forest while chasing an actor as if he were truly in the wild as well as perform a variety of advanced behaviors in order to showcase his exotic nature. Hollywood Paws is confident that Wolfie will put his best paw forward at this shoot and certify his place at the top of the food chain whether it is as an A-list animal actor within the Animal Kingdom. For more information about Wolfie, his big staring role, or training questions in general, please contact Hollywood Paws at 888-781-7827 or email to!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Casting Call: Hollywood Paws Dogs Got Talent, But Do YOURS?

Hollywood Paws' phone line has been ringing of the hook today with PAWduction calls that have really got our tails wagging! First and foremost, the television show America's Got Talent has enlisted the help of Hollywood Paws in the casting for Dogs with INCREDIBLE talents. We know that Hollywood Paws dogs have talent, but the question remains, does the rest of America have talented dogs too?

Hollywood Paws is now casting for dogs of all breeds, size, and age that have special talents, party tricks, or "out-of-the-box" behaviors under their paws! We aren't talking about typical tricks like chasing tails or spinning in circles, Hollywood Paws is looking for something EXTRAORDINARY and UNIQUE! We know most of our dogs have what it takes, but casting are taking place all throughout the United States! If you think your dog has the star quality or that little 'somthing' making them perfect for this casting then submit them today!

Hollywood Paws needs your contact information, a photo of yourself with your talented pup, and most importantly a video link of the pooch's amazing talent! All submissions can be sent to Hollywood Paws at or if you need more information call Hollywood Paws at 888-781-7827! Hollywood Paws Talent Directors and Studio Trainers can wait to see what America has to offer!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hollywood Paws Announces the Start of the Hollywood Paws PAWSitive Expressions Photo Gallery!

Working at Hollywood Paws is't all hard-training and no fun, the Hollywood Paws staff has made sure to write in some play time into our job descriptions. It's not hard to do so when Hollywood Paws has a constant stream of the best-looking dogs in Southern California trotting in and out of our studio doors. We have seen everything from mini puppies resembling teddy bears to poodles with blue mohawks and Irish Wolfhounds the size of a small pony. With so many animals running in and out of Hollywood Paws, we think it's safe to say that we have seen every breed of dog and cat in the United States - if not worldwide!

Since Hollywood Paws is part of the Entertainment Industry and located in Los Angeles, CA we can't say image isn't important, but we can say it isn't everything.  Hollywood Paws Talent Directors and Studio Trainers do look at the physical apperance of a potential four-legged client, but in Hollywood Paws' world we like to have clients who also have personality and skill. Hollywood Paws loves that our canine and feline talents have some amazing personalities, or should we say "poochenalities."

When Hollywood Paws Dogs put their best paw forward last week at Hollywood Paws' phoot shoot and we just couldn't resist giving everyone a peek at some of our favorite photos! Looking back on our past Hollywood Paws photo shoots, we couldn't help but notice the fantastic "poochenalities" of our Hollywood Paws dog as they worked it on film. Some photos that did not make it to our website as headshots are now avaliable for your viewing pleasure at Hollywood Paws' Photo Gallery as part of Hollywood Paws' PAWsitive Expressions photostream.

We would love to see some PAWsitive Expressions from some dogs who have not yet made it into our offices or are located across the country.  If you have a a great photo that shows off your fido or fifi's "poochenality" then let us know by Becoming a Fan of Hollywood Paws and posting your pup's best shot!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hollywood Paws Therapy Dogs: One Smile A Day Keeps The Fleas Away!

Hollywood Paws and Therapy Dogs International got together this weekend for the testing of several Hollywood Paws dogs who have completed Hollywood Paws' Intermediate level training program. Hollywood Paws wants to congratulate nine of our dogs who are now certified with TDI as Therapy Dogs. Congratulations to Gracie Law (owner Jennifer Kalaris), Diva (owner Richard and Alexis Kent), Lola (Katie Rinaldi), Lulu (owner Mildred Haddock), Ruger (Jenifer Martin), Skhooter (owner Angela Earheart), Thunder (owner Kelly Jo McGlothlin), Casper and Max (owner Pam Chapin).

Therapy Dogs International, Inc (TDI) is a volunteer group organized to provide qualified handlers and their Therapy Dogs for visitations to various institutions, facilities, and any other place where Therapy Dogs are needed.  Testing requirements for Therapy Dog certification are covered in Hollywood Paws’ Intermediate class and upon completion of this level, the dog will be evaluated to become a certified Therapy Dog.  After passing the test with TDI, the Hollywood Paws dog can participate in various Hollywood Paws community outreach programs which include monthly visits to different institutions such as hospitals and elementary schools along with Hollywood Paws trainers.

Hollywood Paws' most recent visits inclue a trip to the Ronald McDonald House and to an elementary school in Malibu which focuses on children with special needs. During these visits, certified Hollywood Paws dogs and their owners are able to give back to the community while still putting their Hollywood Paws training into good practice. If anyone would like for information about Therapy Dogs Internationl or how to get involved in Hollywood Paws' Therapy and Community Outreach programs please feel free to call us at 888-781-7827 and we will help to best answer you questions!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hollywood Paws Community Outreach: Join Hollywood Paws at LA Center Studio's Blood Drive!

The average human has about 10-12 pints of blood running through their body - that's a lot of blood. We are pretty sure that you won't miss just one of those pints if you donate it to the Los Angeles Center Studio's blood drive! If you are interested in joining some of Hollywood Paws' students (the human ones - not the 4-legged ones) and Hollywood Paws' staff in donating here are the details:
Where: Hollywood Paws headquarters at the Los Angeles Center Studios
Specifics: The ground floor of the studio's tower in the "Courtroom Set"
Date: Thursday, September 17th
Time: 9:00am - 2:00pm
How: Call Hollywood Paws at 888-781-7827 and we can help schedule your appoinment to donate!
Bonus: Each doner will receive a gift certificate to In-N-Out Burgers or AMC Movie Theaters!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Hollywood Paws Dogs Land International Commercial and Infomercial

Three Hollywood Paws students land an International commercial and infomercial for a new "no-pull" dog Harness about to hit the market! The shoot took place in Studio City, CA at HD Vision Studios whereHollywood Paws has filmed on previous shoots. You might remember the last one was with Hollywood Paws studio trainers Joel Norton and Byron Wusstig for Scripps Consumer News live feed where both Hollywood Paws studio trainers and Hollywood Paws dogs modeled the latest fashions in Halloween costumes.

The "no-pull" harness shoot, which was on Wednesday September 2, 2009 stared Hollywood Paws dogs Charlie a Coton De Tulear (Owners Patrick Sarni and Emily Molloy), Adrian a Jack Russell Terrier (Owner Heather Stevens), and Bella a Golden Retriver (Owner Renzo Garcia).

When first contacted about the shoot. Hollywood Paws was told that all the dogs needed to do was a 'sit' behavior in order to model the harness, but while all three dogs modeled different versions of the harness the production company surprised our trainers and the dogs had to perform advanced behaviors such as a "come easy", "Lay down", "Head-up/down", and "beg" - not to mention some basic "sits" and "stays".

Luckily, all three dogs had completed Hollywood Paws' intermediate level of trainning and were able to complete this shoot without breaking a sweat! The commercial will air in the United Kingdom later this year!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hollywood Paws Dogs On-Set!

Photos from Hollywood Paws PAWduction Jobs!

Hollywood Paws Dog Jaz Featured in American Idol's Music Video

Los Angeles, CA - Former American Idol contestant Jason Castro is about to release his new single and enlisted the help of Hollywood Paws dog Jaz, an Australian Shepherd (Owner Janet Philips) in his music video. Jaz did not have to sing, but she did have to master about 25-30 different shots, all of which she accomplished in just 1 take!

The cast and crew were amazed at how well Jaz was trained and nicknamed her the "one-shot-wonder" for the rest of the music video shoot. For Jaz's scene, which she so expertly delivered, she had to stay in a 'sit' while holding a photograph in her mouth (also known a 'take it/hold it' behavior). During this take Jason Castro was to walk up to her and then she had to drop the photo so the star could pick it up and then Jaz was qued to wonder off in the opposite direction. Thanks to owner Janet Philips keeping up with her Hollywood Paws training, Jaz was able to be in and out of the shoot in record time arriving at a call time of 8:00am and back in the car heading home by 10:30am. Jaz really was a true star in this video!

Hollywood Paws is the first Green animal talent agency and changing the way animal talent is supplied to the Entertainment Industry by bringing them from your home to the silver screen and more! All of our Hollywood Paws 4-legged talent go home to a good bed at night!

Should you have any questions about Hollywood Paws or Jaz's recent apperance in this music video, please contact HollywoodPaws at 888-781-STAR (7827). Hollywood Paws, located at Los Angeles Center Studios is here to help answer any questions you may have about getting your pooch set-ready and into the their own starring role.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

HollywoodPaws PAWduction news!


Calling all Los Angeles, CA dogs - Casting Call

HollywoodPaws is here to give you the chance to show off to the world your pooch - whether you have a HollywoodPaws dog or not, HollywoodPaws wants to know about your purebred Fido or Fifi!

The scene is the Beverly Hills dog show and your Purebred could be part of the movie. Here at HollywoodPaws there is no talent too big or too small! If interested please email your name, contact info, a picture of you and your dog, breed, and any misc information to so that we can give you all the details!

***Note: Even if you your dog is not purebred, but looks as though they might be submit them anyways!!!***

Saturday, September 5, 2009

HollywoodPaws Dog Thunder Says "Cheese" for Los Angeles Magazine Sepember Issue

Flip to page 118 of Los Angeles Magazine's September issue and you will spot HollywoodPaws student Thunder, a Great Dane and Boxer mix (Owner Kelly Jo McGlothlin) cheese-ing it up (litterally) for the camera in the magazine's Fall Fashion Preview. Thunder, HollywoodPaws student, is shot sneaking a block of parmesan from a picnic and while they got the perfect shot, Thunder just couldn't help himself and ate most of the block by the shoot's end. The fashion campagin, photographed by Hugh Kretschmer, showcases high-end designers' newest looks and styles for the Fall 2009 season.

HollywoodPaws is an exclusive pet talent agency and training school located at Los Angeles Center Studios in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. HollywoodPaws is the first Green animal talent agency and promote the use of rescued and privately owned dogs and cats in the entertainment industry. HollywoodPaws is proud to say that all of our four-legged talent go home to a good bed at night.

For more information about HollywoodPaws Student Thunder's Los Angeles Magazine feature or any other HollywoodPaws productions please call us at 888-781-STAR(7827) so that we can let you know about all our HollywoodPaws Good Tails!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A PAWsitive Start for Good Tails!

As the first official blog of HollywoodPaws, let us take the time to tell you a little more about who we are and what HollywoodPaws is all about. HollywoodPaws is the very first animal talent agency and animal acting training facility in the entertainment industry. What we pride ourselves most on is the fact that HollywoodPaws is an unique 'Green' agency which is changing how animals are supplied to the entertainment industry by bringing them from your home to the silver screen! HollywoodPaws prides itself in promoting the use of rescued and privatly owned domestic pets the industry rather then the traditional use of animal wranglers. HollywoodPaws is able to keep things green while still having the largest selection of domestic animal actors in the entertainment industry who are available to work in all productions big or small from background and extra work to major motion pictures! Whether you're interested in getting your pooch into television, film, fashion campaigns or becoming a professional studio trainer yourself, HollywoodPaws is here to help and give you and your 4-legged friend the skills to be a star.

HollywoodPaws is much more then your average entertainment company, canine training school, and talent agency. The HollywoodPaws trainers are the top studio trainers in the business and they can help with all your training needs from basics to advanced behaviors required by industry productions. Being a 'Green' agency, HollywoodPaws has also developed a community outreach program to cater to Therapy Dog work in and around the Los Angeles area where HollywoodPaws certified Therapy Dogs can visit hospitals, retirement homes, and local schools.

If you want to see if your pooch (or friendly feline) has what it takes to make it in the entertainment industry - then get you tail in gear and call HollywoodPaws today for a complementary evaluation at our headquarters on the Los Angeles Center Studios production lot. This is your chance to meet with a HollywoodPaws Talent Director and have a HollywoodPaws Head Studio Trainer work with your Fido or Fifi to see just how great their potential is - just don't forget to bring a photo to leave with us for our files! We will never say 'no' to seeing a dog or cat, so to call a HollywoodPaws booking agent today for your evaluation today at 888-781-STAR (7827)!

We can't wait to share with you all the PAWsitively fantastic things happening at HollywoodPaws, so be sure to check in often to catch the latest in castings, PAWduction calls, training tips, PAWparazzi sightings and more! Don't forget the website:

Woof Woof!

Cella - Chihuahua Extraordinaire