Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hollywood Paws Lands Motel6 Commercial!

Hollywood Paws is on-set today with the Pasadena Arts College filming a commercial spec for the popular Motel6 hotels! The commercial is being filmed to show that Motel6 is a pet friendly travel spot that allows all animals from dogs and cats to pigs and iguanas! Hollywood Paws was on set with numerous exotic animals including a pig, iguana, goldfish, snails, and more!

Hollywood Paws Students also had a chance to train these animals on set with Hollywood Paws Studio Trainers Joel and Briana. In the commercial there was an actor pushing his pet pig in a stroller, an actress with an iguana in her purse, and another actor who carried around his pet goldfish in a fishtank attached to a harness on his chest!

Want to see more photos from Hollywood Paws' fun filled day on-set?!