Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How To Get Your Dog In Commercials? Ask Hollywood Paws!

How do you get your dog into commercials, film, print ads, television, and more? Well, here at Hollywood Paws we are asked this question on a daily basis and have decided to take this timeless question to our blog in hopes to really chew out an answer for the 4-legged hollywood hopefuls!

Where Do Movies Get Their Animal Stars From?
Where do you think advertising agencies, production companies, television shows, and movie producers get their animals from? Well, there are about 40 animal companies which supply the majority of animals you see in ads, televisions, and movies. These wranglers own an inventory of anywhere from 30-100 dogs and cats, and these animals live to work.  Hollywood Paws is changing the ways animals are supplied to the Entertainment Industry by bringing privately owned dogs and cats from your loving home to the silver screen and more! Hollywood Paws actors go home to a good bed after a long day's work.

Is There Really Production Work Out There For My Pet? 
YES! There is a huge market for dogs and cats in the Entertainment Industry! Avdertising agencies conducted a survey of advertisiments that containined children and/or animals and found that these ads generated 100% more of a response from consumers. Animals appear in all types of ads that expand beyond the pet related businsses to industries such as Insurance (Geico), Communications (AT&T, Verizon), Food (Bush's Baked Beans, Pepsi), Automobile (Toyota, Volkswagon), Technology (Microsoft), Retail (Target), and Fast-food (Taco-Bell) just to name a few.

What Does Hollywood Paws Look For In A Dog or Cat?
Hollywood Paws looks for many different things when evaluating a potential animal actor. Not only does Hollywood Paws evaluate the dog's apperance, training level, and personality, but we also look for owners who passionate about their pets and who are not only willing to, but also enjoy spending time with their dogs. Of course, just like human actors an animal actors must be more then a pretty face!  People go to acting classes, police dogs need special training, guide dogs for the blind need certification classes, and studio dogs need training too! If your dogs are trained then that's great - Hollywood Paws will take your dog's current training into our decision process.

Do Dogs and Cats Attend Castings?
This depends, there are certain situations where casting calls are requried, but for the most part Hollywood Paws works directly with the production and advertising companies.  Once a production call is received, Hollywood Paws Trainers and Talent Directors will submit all dogs and/or cats which fit the description of what the particualr job requries. When the production's producters and casting agents make their decision, they notify Hollywood Paws and the dog is officially sign on to that commercial or film.

How Can I Get My Dog An Evaluation?
Hollywood Paws will never say 'No' to seeing a dog or cat, but unfortunately we are unable to sign on every dog that through our studio doors.  Your can call our representatives at 888-781-7827 in order to set an appointment or visit our website.  Remember to make sure your dog is in a carrier or on-leash when you come in for your evaluation and be sure to being a photo or two to leave with us. Good luck!