Friday, April 2, 2010

Hollywood Paws Making Sure Your Pup Joins In Easter Extravaganza!

The Easter Egg Hunts aren't only for people... Hollywood Paws found some pretty fun events this weekend that your pup will enjoy as well!

Rusty's Annual Doggie Easter Egg Hunt!
When: Sunday April 4th
Time: 10am-6:30pm
Where: Rusty's Discount Pet Store 11672 Ventura Blvd. Studio City, CA
Extravaganza Details: Free Pet Photo (12pm-4pm), Wheel of Fortune Prize Spin, Doggie Easter Egg Hunt (12pm-4pm), Linda Blair of the World Heart Foundation, Travis and Presley America's Greatest Dog!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hollywood Paws Pawsitive Training Tip

Featured Hollywood Paws Pet: Bubba
Breed: Chihuahua
Hollywood Paws Training Level: I, II, III Graduate
Production: Movie "Chihuahua 2"
Production Behaviors: Some of the more difficult included a 2 trainer watch me at a distance of 30 feet, leg lift, multiple speaks, and even undo a knot!

Hollywood Paws Training Tip: There is ALWAYS more to do!

You can always do more with a behavior! Once you have the initial behavior, you can always raise the bar on that behavior. The more you train for distance and distractions, the more prepared your pet will be for any production work that comes his or her way!

If you dog is used to you training a distance of the minimum 15 feet required on-set, then try for 25 feet or even 40 feet! Hollywood Paws trains for distance starting in our Foundation of Animal Acting program and by the end of this program dogs should be able to work most basic behaviors are the minimum distance of 15 feet. Bubba (pictured above with Hollywood Paws Studio Trainer Joel) had to work at a distance of 30 feet while working on the movie 'Chihuahua 2'!

Just because your dog can perform the behavior every time at home, does not mean that your dog will be able to perform that same behavior during a busy Saturday at the Santa Monica Pier or on the Venice Beach Boardwalk.

Its almost Spring, and with such great weather outside you can turn a training session into a fun day out with your family, friends, and of course... your pet!

For more infomation about the movie 'Chihuahua 2' or Hollywood Paws call us at 888-781-7827 or visit our website!