Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Production Companies Can't Keep Their Paws Off Of Hollywood Paws!

The drastic and rainy change in weather hasn't lowered Hollywood Paws' spirits and and as the rain continues to pour on LA, production companies continue raining on Hollywood Paws! Hollywood Paws has been chosen to be part of a news casting that focuses on pet related businesses, activities, and all around pet lovers and enthusiasts.  While there are many activities you can get your pets involved in, there is only one way to get your pets in the Entertainment Industry - Hollywood Paws pet agency and animal acting school of course.

It's too bad we all can't be lounging in the sun right now!

The Hollywood Paws shoot is taking place tomorrow morning at our studios in Los Angeles Center Studios. While Hollywood Paws is being featured as the primary pet agency and training center, don't think  training is the only option for doggie fun and games! The following are all way for dog lovers (such as ourselves) to woof around with your favorite pooch.

Just remember Happy Dog = Happy Owner! Get out there and try something new and exciting with your favorite four-legged friend - and if its Hollywood Paws you want to try out then give us a call at 888-781-7827 and you can try to get you dog into commercials too!