Monday, January 11, 2010

The New Year Gave Fred 'Peanut' Astaire A New Career!

Hollywood Paws is off to a jumping start in this new year with our Hollywood Paws graduate, Fred 'Peanut' Astaire starring in the movie 'Chihuahua.'  Peanut is one of Hollywood Paws' best Chihuahuas and after some hairy competition for the starring role, Peanut pawed out the rest to play Bella in the movie 'Chihuahua' which started filming today.

In the movie Peanut, who was born a he will now be filmed as a she! Not only will Peanut be fashioned in the latest doggie stylings from Ruff Ruff Couture, but he will also have to perform countless difficult behaviors including jumping into a moving hospital cart, darting in and out of children, and dialing 911 on a phone! If any dog can pull these behaviors, (while still looking chic in petticoat dresses) we have no doubt that Peanut is the dog for the job!

Hollywood Paws wishes you a PAWsitively amazing start to 2010 and we hope everyone will join us as we wish Mr. Fred 'Peanut' Astaire good luck!