Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hollywood Paws Dogs Hit The Jackpot In Vegas!

What haPAWens in Vegas - Stays in Vegas, unless of course it's involving two Hollywood Paws dogs by the names of Diesel (owners Mitch and Tiffany Moses) and Bently (owner Kelly Castillo) who will be woofing it up in Las Vegas later this month and then bringing back a newfound stardom to Los Angeles.  These two happy-go-lucky English Bulldogs will be the mascots of Pugswear Clothing, a company that is showcasing their canine fashion line at a popular trade show in Las Vegas. Not only did the fashion company request some sturdy and handsome bulldogs, but they made sure to emphasize that they wanted amazing personalities and fun-loving pooches as mascots. Hollywood Paws submitted many of our bulldogs, but Diesel and Bently won over the advertising agency's hearts and were booked on the spot.

The show will take place over a three day period and Hollywood Paws bulldogs Diesel and Bently will be the canines stealing the spotlight as they perform tricks, greet potential clients, and put on a PAWsitively cute face for everyone attending the show.  Luck is on the side of Hollywood Paws Studio Trainers as they get an all expenses paid trip to the city of sin - hopefully they won't get into too much trouble! This particular job will have our four-legged stars treated like princes seeing that they will be the main attraction at the pugswear clothing booth.  Maybe these pups will even get to take home a couple of swanky new Pugswear outfits! Hollywood Paws wishes the best of luck to these two four-legged bundles of fun and we will keep everyone posted as these two canines, as well as the rest of Hollywood Paws' dogs train their way up the acting ladder and continue their journey on the rise to stardom.