Saturday, September 5, 2009

HollywoodPaws Dog Thunder Says "Cheese" for Los Angeles Magazine Sepember Issue

Flip to page 118 of Los Angeles Magazine's September issue and you will spot HollywoodPaws student Thunder, a Great Dane and Boxer mix (Owner Kelly Jo McGlothlin) cheese-ing it up (litterally) for the camera in the magazine's Fall Fashion Preview. Thunder, HollywoodPaws student, is shot sneaking a block of parmesan from a picnic and while they got the perfect shot, Thunder just couldn't help himself and ate most of the block by the shoot's end. The fashion campagin, photographed by Hugh Kretschmer, showcases high-end designers' newest looks and styles for the Fall 2009 season.

HollywoodPaws is an exclusive pet talent agency and training school located at Los Angeles Center Studios in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. HollywoodPaws is the first Green animal talent agency and promote the use of rescued and privately owned dogs and cats in the entertainment industry. HollywoodPaws is proud to say that all of our four-legged talent go home to a good bed at night.

For more information about HollywoodPaws Student Thunder's Los Angeles Magazine feature or any other HollywoodPaws productions please call us at 888-781-STAR(7827) so that we can let you know about all our HollywoodPaws Good Tails!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A PAWsitive Start for Good Tails!

As the first official blog of HollywoodPaws, let us take the time to tell you a little more about who we are and what HollywoodPaws is all about. HollywoodPaws is the very first animal talent agency and animal acting training facility in the entertainment industry. What we pride ourselves most on is the fact that HollywoodPaws is an unique 'Green' agency which is changing how animals are supplied to the entertainment industry by bringing them from your home to the silver screen! HollywoodPaws prides itself in promoting the use of rescued and privatly owned domestic pets the industry rather then the traditional use of animal wranglers. HollywoodPaws is able to keep things green while still having the largest selection of domestic animal actors in the entertainment industry who are available to work in all productions big or small from background and extra work to major motion pictures! Whether you're interested in getting your pooch into television, film, fashion campaigns or becoming a professional studio trainer yourself, HollywoodPaws is here to help and give you and your 4-legged friend the skills to be a star.

HollywoodPaws is much more then your average entertainment company, canine training school, and talent agency. The HollywoodPaws trainers are the top studio trainers in the business and they can help with all your training needs from basics to advanced behaviors required by industry productions. Being a 'Green' agency, HollywoodPaws has also developed a community outreach program to cater to Therapy Dog work in and around the Los Angeles area where HollywoodPaws certified Therapy Dogs can visit hospitals, retirement homes, and local schools.

If you want to see if your pooch (or friendly feline) has what it takes to make it in the entertainment industry - then get you tail in gear and call HollywoodPaws today for a complementary evaluation at our headquarters on the Los Angeles Center Studios production lot. This is your chance to meet with a HollywoodPaws Talent Director and have a HollywoodPaws Head Studio Trainer work with your Fido or Fifi to see just how great their potential is - just don't forget to bring a photo to leave with us for our files! We will never say 'no' to seeing a dog or cat, so to call a HollywoodPaws booking agent today for your evaluation today at 888-781-STAR (7827)!

We can't wait to share with you all the PAWsitively fantastic things happening at HollywoodPaws, so be sure to check in often to catch the latest in castings, PAWduction calls, training tips, PAWparazzi sightings and more! Don't forget the website:

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